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If you are self-employed you can qualify for a mortgage with just your bank statements as proof of income. 

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Jim has helped refinance my personal and investment homes for several years now. He is extraordinarily thorough and there are no surprises at closing. I have full confidence that I will get the best deal and that Jim is always on my side. He has saved me money and even pointed out errors in my tax return that resulted in me getting a bigger refund. --9/23/21

Darryl Richards

Jim rocks! He took a complicated process and made it easy. He told me what to expect and his experience helped guide me through the right spots. I highly recommend him. Being a first-time home buyer is already scary enough, but Jim made it as easy as possible. If I had to choose Jim’s strongest quality, it would without a doubt be: Communication. At no point during the process did I feel like I was less than top priority. Thank you, Jim!  --2/18/21

Megan Loth

"Mortgage By Jim was the broker for a refinance we did in the summer of 2020. Jim was knowledgeable, professional, and worked extremely hard to make sure we got the best interest rate. His attention to detail is what separates him from the competition. I highly recommend Mortgage By Jim and will be doing business with him for many years to come." --11/30/20

Nick DiCeglie

"My husband and I had Mortgage by Jim do our condo refinance a few months ago. We were beyond impressed and completely happy with our experience! Jim took his time to be sure we got the lowest rate, he explained the best way to structure the loan where we would end up receiving money back after closing. He met every timeline he set and stayed on top of the lender to be sure our loan would close when he said it would. We found Jim to be very professional, efficient and focused on our loan. We felt confident...that our small refi was just as important as a “big money” loan. We have already recommended him to a friend (who also had a great experience) and would definitely use him again in the future." --11/13/20

Tyko Kreps

Jim is amazing! He went beyond the call of duty and provided us with the best service you could imagine. We also received a better rate than our bank was quoting! I highly recommend Jim to anyone. 

Clem & Martha Petru

Jim is THE mortgage pro! You won't find anyone more knowledgeable and trustworthy than Jim Catalano. I have done four mortgages with him. He is simply the best in the business.

Jeff Payne

Thank you Jim for all you did for me. I cannot imagine if all your customers get the same service you provided me. This loan would not have been done without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Janet Rodgers

I just wanted to say that Jim and his team have done a fantastic job on getting our loan closed on such an incredibly short turn around time. We thank you. For what it's worth, we will, of course, recommend you to anyone who is seeking your services.

Thad Barrenecheash

Thank you, Jim for making the process easy and getting me the best rate. Job well done!

James Seay

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Why Credit Scores Vary With Credit Bureaus

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Qualify with Bank Statements

  90% Loan-To-Value 2 Years from Foreclosure, Short Sale, or Bankruptcy Interest Only Loan Available! Up to $3,000,000 Loan Amounts - Simple Qualifications: We don't look at withdrawals! We don't look at overdrafts! No Profit & Loss Statement! No Reserves! ...
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Increase In U.S. House Prices And Market Update

The stock market turned in a mixed performance for the second consecutive week as investors pulled back from record highs reached during the prior week amid trade and political turmoil.  The Dow and S&P 500 both posted small losses while the NASDAQ Composite Index recorded a moderate gain.  Treasury and mortgage bond yields ended the week slightly lower after retreating on Wednesday following the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy meeting.  The drop in bond yields were partly due to dovish comments on inflation made by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell following the policy meeting. As widely expected, the Federal Reserve increased short-term ...

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