Why Jim

10 Reasons Jim Catalano Should Be Your Mortgage Professional

  • He cares.

    Read what customers say about Jim here.

  • He does what matters really well.

    Jim delivers.

  • He is a pro.

    There are many, many loan officers to choose from. There are only a handful of real professionals. Jim is one of those professionals.

  • He is a Dallas Mavericks fan.

    Okay, that's not a plus for some.

  • He is really good at mortgage financing.

    Jim knows the mortgage industry inside and out. He is always up with everything happening in the market.


  • He produces results.

    If Jim takes your loan, he closes your loan. If he doesn't take your loan, it won't get done anywhere.

  • He is the point man.

    Jim and his team have a predictable process which he leads. You will be impressed.

  • He is experienced.

    He has been in the mortgage industry for many years, and knows every step of the process, from application to close.

  • He understands the customer.

    He asks the right questions and will find you the right mortgage that fits your situation.

  • He has integrity.

    Jim will always do what is right to the very best of his ability. 


Let me help you accomplish your mortgage financing goals.

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