3 Strategies to Selling Your Home in Less Time

In order to successfully sell your home quickly you must captivate potential buyers and pull them towards the purchase. Here are 3 strategies that will allow you to sell your home in less time.

1. Disconnect From Your Home

In order to completely commit to selling your home and presenting it in such away that allows a potential buyer to place themselves within the home, it’s essential for you to fully disconnect from your home. Taking yourself out of the home may seem difficult, but it’s a required obstacle if you wish to quickly sell your home.

Here are some tips for disengaging from your home:

  • Walk through and take a picture of each room
  • Write down your thoughts and any meaningful moments that have taken place in your home
  • Catalogue all of your possessions and to ensure they are placed properly in your new home

2. Maximize Your Curb Appeal

The front of your home is the first thing a potential buyer will see – any errors, big or small, will detract from their experience. Be sure to consider the following steps:

  • It’s important to strive for making the exterior appear easy and simple to maintain.
  • Remove any abnormal items from the front yard and be sure to manicure and trim your lawn. If needed, consider planting new and fresh flowers.
  • Make your front door as inviting as possible.

3. Clean and Repair

Small problems quickly add up and detract from a potential buyer’s experience. Though some problems require an experts hands, there are many areas of your home you can improve upon, repair and clean to perfection. Pay particular attention to:

  • Walls and Ceilings. Buy paint and paint over any marks and scratches on your walls. It is also beneficial to plug any holes  or cracks as well.
  • Windows. Old windows are expensive to replace. Remove any screens on windows prominently visible on the exterior and ensure that the frames are spotless. If needed,  touch up any problem areas, stains, and blemishes on your frames.

Value is what sells – pay attention to the details and keep your buyer in mind.

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