Lessons Learned as a Dallas Area Mortgage Professional


It’s been 10+ years that I have served as a mortgage professional in the Dallas area. I have watched the markets change more times than I can count. I have seen the real estate market during these times fluctuate immensely. In that time, I’ve had the chance to work with and learn from many customers, colleagues, and adversaries. I have observed a thing or two about the Dallas/Fort Worth real estate market, mortgage financing, people in general, and myself. Some of what I’ve learned, I believe, is worth sharing. Following are a few of the lessons from my 10+ years serving as a mortgage professional in the Dallas/Fort Worth area:

Treat people right.

If you find yourself in a leadership position, you can almost never be too generous to those who support you. Similarly, in the context of securing financing, always remember that the current deal is very likely not the last deal between the same parties. The “Golden Rule” is also just a good practice.

Promise sincerely.

I know many mortgage brokers who over-promise and under-deliver. Mortgage professionals should be duty-bound to give realistic expectations. A promise broken “honestly” as a result of changed circumstances can be forgiven; however, a promise broken that is made with no sincere intention to perform cannot.

Perfect is the enemy of good.

Technology has created a world of instant gratification and an expectation for immediate results. Real estate and mortgage financing are no exceptions. The solution is to focus on issues and risks that matter, and then use the tools and resources to deliver competent mortgage services in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Be intolerant of the status quo.

My most successful customers and colleagues are not content to accept the status quo. That means always to seek and develop new and innovate ways to deliver cost-effective mortgage services and solutions that create opportunities to innovate and ultimately, bring more value.

Think big. Focus.

Everything is big in Texas, right? In real estate, that may mean finding innovative solutions for opportunities and negotiation. In life, it always means seeking out or creating opportunities for personal and professional growth.


To grow beyond yourself, you must collaborate. It is that simple.

Be competent and confident.

It’s not all that rare to find people with impressive skills and powers of persuasion. It’s much less common to encounter people who can back up their confidence with the necessary knowledge and experience to deliver the promised results. Confidence is necessary for success, but the absence of competence is nothing more than a bluff. Bravado is no substitute for real the substance of knowledge and experience.

Let me help you accomplish your mortgage financing goals.

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