The Dallas Area Shortage Wars

The Dallas Area Shortage Wars | Mortgage By Jim | Jim Catalano

There is a shortage of housing.

There is a shortage of water.

There is a shortage of roads.

Almost a million people are coming to the DFW area within the next six years. So many people, like myself are thinking where are they all going to live?

Dallas-Fort Worth leads the nation in population growth. Just the number of people living in North Texas is growing by more than 100,000 a year.

This boom in growth will not only affect housing, water, and roads but every facet of our economy.

According to new estimates, Frisco shows a potential population of 370,000, much larger than the 280,000 predicted only a few years ago. The population increase would put Frisco just behind Arlington as the 4th largest city in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Currently the city is number 10. To say the least this growth is shocking and city leaders have been scrambling to answer the growing demands.

This growth isn’t just isolated to Frisco. It’s happening across Texas. So what do you think is the answer to our growth? I’d love to hear your feedback.

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